Interesting and beautiful places near Pidula Forell

Odalätsi Springs

Odalätsi Springs (1,5 km) is a popular place to take drinking water on the road. The spring water comes from the surrounding marshes and probably also from Karujärve lake and runs along underground karst fissures towards the sea. There is a car park near the springs and a boardwalk leading to the water. The springs are located on the 9th kilometre of Pidula road, only a few kilometres from Pidula Forell.
Odalätsi name derives from the legend in which the Old Devil is fighting with Tõll and has his spear broken. The springs that are there are the Old Devil’s steps.
Interesting to know If you wash your face and hands with this spring water or drink some of it, you will stay young forever.

Onni beach

You can walk (800 m) to the beautiful Onni beach trough the magic forest road. The private and mostly quiet sandy beach is popular in sunbath lovers, an amazing place for windsurfing and kitesurfing and also fishermen.